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Optimizing Your Profile Video As A Lead Magnet

Having a profile video for your Real Estate business is one of your most valuable marketing strategies. A top quality profile video lets you highlight your clients, your real estate background, and create brand awareness. For your profile video to reach its highest potential, it’s essential to understand how to distribute it across different online platforms. In this article, we will learn how to utilize your profile video for a top lead generator on the websites that home buyers and sellers are using daily.

 Publish Your Video On Your Zillow Profile

If you are a premier Zillow agent, you can publish your video on your profile. This will allow for potential home buyers and sellers to view your video when visiting your account. Taking advantage of this premiere feature is an excellent way to optimize a service you are already paying for monthly. 

Post Your Video to Facebook

Posting your profile video to Facebook and pinning it to the top of your business page is a great way to create that brand awareness. To gain even more views and engagement, we also encourage you to boost your post, which will promote your video to a targeted audience that you can customize. 

Post Your Video to Instagram

Posting a reduced 60-second video to your Instagram account is suitable for showcasing your video to a broader audience. Be sure to include hashtags and a location to increase engagement among those watching. 

A study from the National Associations of Realtors discovered that Instagram’s largest demographic is under the age of 34. This makes Instagram a great platform to promote to first-time homeowners. 

Post Your Video On Youtube

Creating a Youtube channel to upload your profile and other videos is an excellent method to reach more leads. This is because Youtube is a great social media site for SEO on Google. A video on Youtube is more likely to be on the top of a search than an article. This is because most people click on a video first rather than an article when searching on Google. 

Create An Email Campaign 

Sending your email list a link to your video is an effective way to optimize email marketing. Creating that brand awareness to a list of individuals who are already interested in purchasing a home is a great lead magnet for realtors. A simple email with an intriguing subject line and the video link attached is an easy way to take advantage of email marketing. 

Include Your Profile Video On Your Website

If you have access to your website, include your video on your homepage or about me page. This allows sellers and buyers to learn more about you when they visit your site. Also, adding your website link to your email signature will allow your email recipients to click your link and view your video on your website, adding to that brand awareness. 

Overall, there are many ways to utilize your profile video to reach the highest number of views online. Learning about different ways to generate leads for your business online is a step in the right direction.

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