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Be the “Big Fish” with Video Marketing!

Roosterfish Media Team - Charlotte NC video company

Written by Heather Pluard
Featured on Charlotte Real Producers March 2021 Issue
Photos by Kelly Klemmensen

While deep-sea fishing in Costa Rica, Roosterfish Media founder Tom Bramhall had no idea that he was about to catch his future company’s namesake. With a flamboyant, eight-thorned dorsal fin that juts from its back and resembles a mohawk, the roosterfish is both unique and unforgettable. When Tom launched his media company in 2017, he knew the right real estate video could make people feel exactly the same way. Today, in a sea full of competition, Roosterfish Media’s clients stand out remarkably.

“As the publisher of Charlotte Real Producers, I was injected into the real estate industry and absolutely fell in love with it,” Tom says. “I began thinking about how we could bring the magazine to life and help our featured agents garner even more attention. We started filming behind-the-scenes vignettes of our cover-story shoots to post on social media, and the feedback was amazing. People loved them! I saw there was a real need to change the way we do content marketing in real estate and make it more authentic and appealing.”

In short, less boring. “The best way to connect with your audience is to show them the real you,” Tom says. “Everyone’s story has an exceptional angle, and that’s what we bring out in our videos. The right content in the right format can help people establish and reinforce their personal brands. From the discovery call and storyboarding to the filming and final editing, our thoughtful process works.”

And it’s fun! “Our concierge-level service ensures clients are comfortable from start to finish,” Tom says. “We understand that not everyone loves being in front of the camera, but we promise even camera-shy people will be amazed by the final product. Our videographers are the best in the business, their technical skills are incredible, and their heart for telling stories sets them apart. The Roosterfish Media team loves being creative, and we’ll do whatever it takes to knock it out of the park.”

That includes driving to New York City and back in 24 hours. “We like to say content never stops,” smiles Tom. “So when a REALTOR® asked us to film his interaction with BRAVO’s most famous million-dollar lister, Ryan Serhant, we were more than happy to oblige. Ryan’s team was so impressed by our video that they asked us if we could edit some film for them. That was a huge compliment.”

Roosterfish Media knows efficiency is as important as creativity because no one in the industry has a moment to waste. Logan Allen, Director of Operations, works hard behind the scenes to optimize a client’s time in front of the camera. As Charlotte’s only media company with an exclusive focus on real estate, roosterfish understands the industry and custom-tailored media plans to meet a client’s individual needs.

“We like collaborating, connecting, and thinking outside of the box to help our clients make more sales,” Tom says. “I view it as building a tribe of like-minded people who support and inspire each other. If we can find ways to grow together, it will help us when things get harder, or the market isn’t as lucrative as it is right now. Two heads are better than one.”

The same could be said for fish. Tom and his then 9-year-old son, Luke, both caught and released Roosterfish that fateful day in the Pacific Ocean. Then Tom had a graphite mount made to remind him of their incredible experience. His wife, Christina, found the perfect spot to hang it in their kitchen—where it makes an excellent conversation piece and has turned into a business mantra for Tom. “Whether you’re a REALTOR®, a builder, a mortgage broker, an insurance agent, or a home inspector, you are unique,” he says. “Roosterfish Media can help make you unforgettable.” 

Roosterfish Media Team - Charlotte NC video company