Before The Shoot

Being on camera can be a little uncomfortable at times. We are here to make sure the process is easy and that you are fully prepared! To ensure that we get the best footage and audio possible, below are a few tips and pointers for you to review before the filming process begins.

Review Your Storyboard #

You should have received a storyboard from our operations manager Logan with the timeline of your shoot and the key talking points! Make sure to review and confirm that all your needs are listed and ensure your videographer is aware of any changes.

Practice Makes Perfect #

After reviewing your storyboard, practicing your speaking points in front of a family member or friend is a great way to learn the flow of the video!

There is no need to write a script or read a prompt; remember, we want to capture your authentic personality!!

General Wardrobe #

  • Avoid neon colors and loud patterns as they may cause a weird camera effect.
  • Avoid wearing hats as they might cast shadows over your face.
  • Avoid clothes that might wrinkle quickly or show sweat stains.
  • Avoid wearing a high neckline as it might interfere with the mic sound
  • If you are interviewing with another person, try your best to coordinate your clothing choices.
  • You don’t have to match your colors exactly but stray away from conflicting patterns that clash.
  • Dress based on your audience! If you want to come across as very professional, dress up.
  • If your videos are more casual and fun, dress down.

For Women #

  • A bit more than your daily makeup is okay for being in front of bright lighting.
  • Avoid wearing any jingly jewelry on your wrists because the sound of your jewelry might interfere with the audio

For Men #

  • Consider bringing blotting sheets on the day of your shoot to wipe off any sweat and shine while being on camera.
  • Add subtle accessories such as a nice watch, a couple of bracelets, a pocket square or cufflinks.
  • Neutral tones are always a great choice because they match with everything. These include white, grey, black, and earth tones.

👉 Download the complete PDF of “How to Prepare For Your Video”

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