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The New Age Of Real Estate Marketing

Great things are happening in the Real Estate industry. We are no longer living in an era where we spend countless hours knocking at doors, placing brochures in mailboxes, and posting flyers around town promoting our business. Of course, all these traditional ways of marketing are still great ways to gain leads. However, the new way of marketing has been able to change that for the better. 


The answer is right at your fingertips… the internet! We all saw it coming from the very beginning; the way we communicate with each other is changing. With that being said, the way we as consumers learn about products and services is also changing. With everything we need to know only a search away, we have become the most informed generation in all history. 

Marketing in this new era of information has allowed us to become more creative in promoting our products and services. It has also allowed businesses to see faster growth and sales. So how can a realtor take full advantage of this new way of marketing? 


You properly already know about websites like Zillow and Trulia, but are you taking full advantage of all it can offer you? A study by the realtor association discovered that 44% of buyers’ first step is looking online for homes on sale. 

Posting your home listings on these websites is great for leads because it lets the buyer come to you versus the other way around. What’s even better is that you can post a walkthrough video rather than a series of photos, so the buyer spends less time clicking and more time seeing the actual property on video with your contact information attached. 


Most likely you already have a form of social media. From using Facebook to socialize with family and friends to LinkedIn for networking with other professionals in your industry. Social media has taken over the way we communicate with each other. The great thing about social media is that it allows you to build your brand and showcase your personality. Beginning able to grow your network and gain more leads has become even easier with social media.

Knowing all the ways to optimize your social media as a lead magnet and build that brand recognition, we all strive for as business owners is crucial in this online era. Luckily, we have created a free ebook to help you optimize your social media and gain more listings.


Email marketing has been around since before social media. It is one of the oldest ways of marketing in this digital era. However, many people have avoided using email marketing to advertise their services and products because of the fear of unsubscribers and spam reporting. 

The truth is that email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to let your services and products be known to consumers. Everyone has an email address, and unlike social media, people check their emails multiple times throughout the day, especially during the home buying process. 

Overall, the online world has shaped us in how we consume information and learning about things we want to purchase. The new age of marketing has shown to be an excellent asset for realtors to showcase their brand and provide people with the information they need when buying or selling a home.

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